The Sims 4

There’s a lot of cool visual gags in this one. It’s the ad for The Sims 4 computer game. I’ve no idea what it’s like or how it all works but now I really want to play it. I’ve spent years of my life playing games like Grand Theft Auto etc …in fact now I reckon I could fly a helicopter…if I had to…at a push…kind of…a bit …er …probably. Lately I’ve even been spending a fair amount of time with “Goat simulator” I kid you not it does exist and it’s exactly what it says it is. But frankly I’m not sure if I’m ready for The Sims “social interaction, user interface, and personality” stuff. 

Anyway the nude beach scene got pixelated.

01 Sims_bak02 Sims 03 Sims 04 Sims 05 Sims 06 Sims 07 Sims 08 Sims 09a Sims 10a Sims 11 Sims 12a Sims 13 Sims 14 Sims 15 Sims 16 Sims 17 Sims 18 Sims 19 Sims 20 Sims  21 Sims 22 Sims 23a Sims29 Sims27 Sims30 Sims 31 Sims  33 Sims 34 Sims

<p><a href=”″>Hamish Rothwell – EA 'Sim's Holiday'</a> from <a href=””>Goodoil Films</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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