“Milkbar” ad

This ad shows two cute kids outside the milkbar comparing chocolate bars. The smart kid is too smart by half for my liking. At least the little one gets the cream in the end.  Sadly, we don’t see too many of these of these nice old milkbars around Sydney anymore. Lets bring back them back so I can draw more of them.

This ad has its own website:  and the creative was by 01 Milkbar 02 Milkbar 03 Milkbar 04 Milkbar 05 Milkbar 06 Milkbar 07 Milkbar 08 Milkbar 09 Milkbar 11 Milkbar 12 Milkbar 13 Milkbar 14 Milkbar 15 Milkbar 16 Milkbar 17 Milkbar 18 Milkbar 19 Milkbar 20 Milkbar 21 Milkbar 

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