Bingle Insurance: Joni the Chimp

This is a car insurance ad for Bingle. It’s not everyday I get to draw a chimp (who happens to be called Joni) jumping blindfolded from a plane with one arm tied behind her back whilst filling out an insurance claim form whilst negotiating a parachute whilst aiming to jump into a car which she then can (of course she can) drive away….whilst waving to the camera which just happens to be waiting  in the middle of a desert 01 Chimp02 Chimp03 Chimp04 Chimp05 Chimp06 Chimp07 Chimp08 Chimp09 Chimp10 Chimp11 Chimp12 Chimp13 Chimp14 Chimp15 Chimp16 Chimp17 Chimp18 Chimp

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