Captain Risky: Budget Direct



“Welcome to my home; my temple of risk. Where the sun always shines, and you can almost feel the electricity in the air…” 

01a Home 02 Home

01 Structure05 Cinema


we begin with various shots of Captian Risky’s past epic endeavours …

…fearless at the race track


11 Cinema10 Cinema12 Cinema13 Cinema


01 Cinema02 Cinema

Kick it, rip it.

Captain Risky is doing a high dive from a ladder into a Clark Rubber style pool. It looks like it has a shark fin in it. He’s belly flopping in. Needless to say the pool doesn’t hang together from the impact.

09 Cinema

We see him doing one handed chin-ups from a helicopter that is hovering over the sea just off the coastline.

14 Cinema15 Cinema


We see a series of rings on fire on the top of poles. Captain Risky is making last minute adjustments to his jet pack – which he is obviously planning to fly successfully through the fire rings. Something drops from the rig though, so he bends over to pick it up and the jet pack goes off – he flies sideways out of frame.




03 Cinema04 Cinema

The amazing bus stunt!!!


Captain Risky in his own dojo he does some awesome karate moves to avoid ninja stars.

01 Star05 Star06 Star03 Star17 Cinema18 Cinema

We see him running away from an explosion or a fireball from something he’s just been driving.

02 Structure03 Structure

Captain Risky stepping out of his trailer – he pulls on his gloves as he walks. We hear the Captain Risky music.

07 Structure08 Structure


05 Structure06 Structure\

“I like to give Physics a bunch of tourist brochures, because every time I jump, gravity takes a holiday”

04 Structure03a Structure

We cut to a grand aerial shot of the scene – the jump is massive. It goes down the hill and has a curve at the end. – It has to be 100 meters long but there doesn’t seem to any kind of landing area!

12 Structure09 Structure11 Structure10 Structure13 Structure14 Structure


Kick it, rip it.

The jet engine ignites and he gives us an excited, last second woop – he’s ready to laugh death in the face!

16 Structure15 Structure17 Structure18 Structure19 Structure20 Structure

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